[Blog 16] Disruptions In Hr

Every industry faces technological disruptions, and human resource is no exception. With the evolving job market and changing habits of workers, traditional HR systems will be rendered out of date. This article discusses two areas that modern HR should embrace: Micro learning and artificial intelligence.

[Blog 15] How To Impress Your Boss

Not everyone is an “A star student” or outstanding worker, but believe it or not, some good habits and simple gestures are all it takes for employers to have a positive impression of you. After all, in this unpredictable economy, they are the ones who decide whether you stay or go.

[Blog 14] Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

This is a dilemma that most working adults have faced: Whether to leave an unsatisfactory job when one no longer finds it fulfilling, or stay in it because the job market is gloomy and one would need the job to pay the bills. Here are some well-rounded considerations to take note of before you press the eject button.

[Blog 13] Does Getting Older Hurt Your Career?

Everyone gets older, and in an ageing society like Singapore’s, we see an ageing workforce. Sadly, old is not always gold when it comes to employability, and HR advisory services play an increasingly important role in promoting inclusivity in the workplace.

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