[Blog 18] Been There, Done That: Ageism Or Attitude?

With the ongoing debate about age discrimination in the workplace that has transpired over time, it’s hard to ignore statistics and disregard the fact that ageism is real. From what we’ve anecdotally seen and heard, we know older workers are subjected to poorer ratings when it comes to performance...

[Blog 17] Work or Get Fired: Eradicating Toxic Company Culture From The Bosses Down

A solid company culture is crucial in order to sustain employee satisfaction and productivity. A huge problem that aggravates some companies is not about being able to carry out the tasks at hand, but rather, the difficulty to execute them due to reasons such as office politics and a...

[Blog 16] Disruptions In Hr

Every industry faces technological disruptions, and human resource is no exception. With the evolving job market and changing habits of workers, traditional HR systems will be rendered out of date. This article discusses two areas that modern HR should embrace: Micro learning and artificial intelligence.

[Blog 15] How To Impress Your Boss

Not everyone is an “A star student” or outstanding worker, but believe it or not, some good habits and simple gestures are all it takes for employers to have a positive impression of you. After all, in this unpredictable economy, they are the ones who decide whether you stay or go.

[Blog 14] Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

This is a dilemma that most working adults have faced: Whether to leave an unsatisfactory job when one no longer finds it fulfilling, or stay in it because the job market is gloomy and one would need the job to pay the bills. Here are some well-rounded considerations to take note of before you press the eject button.

[Blog 13] Does Getting Older Hurt Your Career?

Everyone gets older, and in an ageing society like Singapore’s, we see an ageing workforce. Sadly, old is not always gold when it comes to employability, and HR advisory services play an increasingly important role in promoting inclusivity in the workplace.

[Blog 12] How to Enhance the Usefulness of Your HR Analytics

With big data highlighting trends, patterns and relationships in various fields, from marketing to finance, playing a huge role in numerous operations, it is no surprise that the same for big data goes for HR. HR analytics not only helps to identify turnover spikes, areas of consistent employee complaints,...

[Blog 11] HR’s New Role – Future Proofing in the age of Digitisation

In a time of rapid digital change, companies need to evolve and restructure themselves to stay relevant and valuable to customers of the digital age, as well as compete in the global marketplace. Technological development is proceeding at a blindingly fast pace that will only accelerate in the coming...

[Blog 10] How You Can Create an Inclusive and Harmonious Workplace

For many years, creating an inclusive and harmonious environment is believed to be a key driver in employee engagement and commitment. Well-managed diverse teams were known to demonstrate greater performance than homogeneous teams, whereas poorly managed diverse teams demonstrated the opposite tendency. As shown in an MOM survey in...

[Blog 9] Manpower Planning – Building the Singapore Core

Over the last decade, it has grown increasingly challenging for organisations to meet manpower needs and take advantage of growth opportunities due to the shrinking local workforce and its underlying shortage of critical skills. As statistics on Singapore’s economy indicates, GDP growth has slowed to 2% in 2015 and...