Workshop on Coaching and Mentoring for Managers

To give participants an understanding of what purpose is, and its relation to talent and passion and the application of this knowledge personally and professionally at work.

eMailer 4 – Need Help With An Employment Dispute?

How do you know if you’re making the right HR decisions on an employment dispute when you have limited experience in mediation, little if not no understanding of the local employment legislation and even fewer resources? In an employment dispute, you will most certainly also want to resolve and...

eMailer 3 – HRguru Consultancy Services

One Stop Integrated Consultancy, Flexible and Customizable Is your business wasting a valuable opportunity? If you lack the time, resources and specialist knowledge to deal effectively with your HR initiatives, you’re not just missing out on a chance to boost productivity, you’re losing a competitive edge. View eMailer For...

eMailer 2 – Strengthen Team Bonding Through the Sport of Floorcurling

To build a team, we must first form bonds. Managers and employees can make a broader and deeper impact together by setting their heart & mind, and drive toward: making a difference together collaborating & committing to proactive measures to meet the ever-changing and increasing demands of the disruptive...

eMailer 1 – On-Demand Independent Professionals (IPs) & Corporate Introduction

Read about HRguru, our Independent Professionals, Talent Search Services and more, in this first release of HRguru eMailer. View eMailer For more articles like these, subscribe to our eMailer here:

WSG Career Development Framework launched to professionalise career practitioners’ development

Workforce Singapore (WSG) launched the WSG Career Development Framework (CDF) on Monday, 27 August 2018 to facilitate the capability and competency development of career practitioner professionals. [Source:] Workforce Singapore (WSG) today launched the WSG Career Development Framework (CDF) to facilitate the capability and competency development of career practitioner...

National Wages Council suggests S$50-S$70 pay hike, one-off bonus for low-wage workers

Amid the pick-up in economic conditions, the National Wages Council suggests S$50-S$70 pay hike, one-off bonus for low-wage workers. It also recommends raising the basic wage threshold for low-wage workers from S$1,200 to S$1,300. [Read more at] For National Wages Council 2018/2019 Guidelines, click here to find out more.

HR Guru Advisory Services

HR Expertise On-Demand. Solving problems, for people and for businesses. Call Us Now! 64-4343-28

TAFEP launches Age-friendly Workplace Practices

The Tripartite Standard on Age-friendly Workplace Practices is aimed to benefit employees aged 60 and above. It address issues such as selection and hiring, training, job redesign, salary increments and re-employment. [Find out more:]

SPBA 2018 Branding Workshop

To elevate your brand, you must first be committed to creating a successful value proposition and unique brand story that will give you wings. From brand building to the significance of trademarks to the secrets of storytelling, these were some of the take-aways that staff from HR Guru benefitted...