The 13 Biggest Differences Between Rich & Poor People

Rich people and poor people think and act completely different from each other. They have different ways of seeing the world. Of tackling life’s challenges. Of focusing on achieving their goals. With dealing with fear, and so on. [Source:]

Everyone’s Timing is Different


Life prospective- everyone has a different clock. Wait for your time.

What is the gardener’s service secret at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore?


The world-famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore boasted an original and uplifting Mission Statement after a $100M renovation completed in 1991. Embedded in this original and empowering Mission are three words that qualify as an Engaging Service Vision: “many memorable experiences”. In this short video, customer service author and expert...

Discover “Many Memorable Experiences” at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore


Raffles Hotel is a world-famous icon of uplifting service. In the early 1990s after a $100M renovation, the hotel reopened with a renowned General Manager, Ms Jennie Chua, a world-class executive team, and a new Mission Statement crafted during a weekend retreat with customer service expert Ron Kaufman. This...

The Jack of All Trades & Probably Master of All


“Skills are the tools you acquire in order to achieve your dreams.” – Ho Kwon Ping, Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings

Breaking Your Limits


Meet the Leader sessions are informal discussions for participants to hear about the personal experiences of leading world figures. On this occasion, Global Shapers and special guests from the Young Global Leaders and Technology Pioneers communities will have the opportunity to meet Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group...

Mr Lim’s Reunion Dinner


Singtel’s CNY film is a tear-jerker that reminds viewers not to miss reunion dinner.

There are 4 things we can never recover in life


Find out what they are in this video.

Aerial Singapore

Aerial Singapore will present this dynamic island as you have never seen it before: from the air. This is the most planned city in the world and the only. Click here to watch the video.

The 8 Types of Company Culture


This short HBR video showcases an excellent framework to identify your companies dominant work culture and to think about how business leaders and HR professionals can establish or entrench enablers that attract and retain top talents.