The 8 Types of Company Culture


This short HBR video showcases an excellent framework to identify your companies dominant work culture and to think about how business leaders and HR professionals can establish or entrench enablers that attract and retain top talents.

HR Transformation: Four Steps of HR Transformation


RBL Group has worked with many HR departments as they go through the process of transformation. What they’ve discovered is a four-step model for really doing transformation well. Successful projects address these steps by answering four basic questions: Why – What – How – Who.

Dave Ulrich explains the Future of HR


HR Congress Keynote speaker, Dr. Dave Ulrich is talking about what is required of HR to be a source of value in the future.

Joy and Peace to you especially this Christmas

There is No Time More Fitting To Say THANK YOU And Wishing You A Happy Holiday Season! – from the team at HRguru

[Blog 20] Don’t Wait For The Sun to Rise From The West: The Role of HR In Innovation

As more and more organisations scurry in the rat race to be at the forefront of today’s dynamic business landscape, a growing number of companies are responding with ideas-turned-meaningful-innovations in an effort to sustain performance and growth. Nevertheless, a recent study by PageUp found that entities in Asia tend...

[Blog 19] Not Your Money, You Don’t Care: Five Causes of Retrenchment

In the past year, the job market in Singapore has been far from rosy with a significant number of retrenchments. Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) let go off 130 of its employees to cut costs and most recently, Nestle Singapore reportedly laid off about 42 staff, stating they are “committed...

[Blog 18] Been There, Done That: Ageism Or Attitude?

With the ongoing debate about age discrimination in the workplace that has transpired over time, it’s hard to ignore statistics and disregard the fact that ageism is real. From what we’ve anecdotally seen and heard, we know older workers are subjected to poorer ratings when it comes to performance...

[Blog 17] Work or Get Fired: Eradicating Toxic Company Culture From The Bosses Down

A solid company culture is crucial in order to sustain employee satisfaction and productivity. A huge problem that aggravates some companies is not about being able to carry out the tasks at hand, but rather, the difficulty to execute them due to reasons such as office politics and a...