Mr Lim’s Reunion Dinner


Singtel’s CNY film is a tear-jerker that reminds viewers not to miss reunion dinner.

Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Our utmost appreciation for your continued support. May the Year of the Earth Dog bring to you and your family an abundance of Health and Peace, Happiness and Prosperity!

[Blog 24] The Chief Guru Chronicles 101: When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do

As a HR professional operating in a foreign land, what would you make of policies that encourage communality harmony rather than opportunities for growth? In an era of globalisation and cross-cultural interaction, is it wise to respect their regard for tradition or should said policies be amended to conform...

[Blog 23] Small Pond or Big Pond? Just Keep Swimming.

Our life is bound to revolve around cycles: situations and demands transits chronologically with time, much like the evolving nature of our occupation development. Specific attitudes, behaviours and competencies are often closely associated with each stage of our career, where one typically requires you to grasp and master certain...

[Blog 22] The Six Pillars of Trust – H.R. G.U.R.U

Trust is perhaps the most preeminent factor in a workplace. Although it might be a challenging attribute to quantify, trust lends to a harmonious and synergetic work environment, without which a business would not be able to flourish. A lack of trust may also cause team spirit and productivity...

[Blog 21] Thinking Out Loud: I Pay $$$, I Am King

A quote by Margaret Thatcher goes, “Being powerful is like being a lady: if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” This notion can be easily applied in the landscape of a workplace where power often comes naturally with a position of leadership, although there are instances...

[Connect the Dots Collection Video 2] – How You Can Create an Inclusive and Harmonious Workplace


For many years, creating an inclusive and harmonious environment is believed to be a key driver in employee engagement and commitment. Well-managed diverse teams were known to demonstrate greater performance than homogeneous teams, whereas poorly managed diverse teams demonstrated the opposite tendency. Tommy Ng will share with you, on...

[Connect the Dots Collection Video 1] – What to Look Out for in HR Experts


HR experts play a key role in almost every business today. From implementing company policies and regulations, to managing people-related processes, HR experts help to mould a high performance culture in companies and achieve long term business growth. But with so many potential HR experts out there, how do...

There are 4 things we can never recover in life


Find out what they are in this video.

Aerial Singapore

Aerial Singapore will present this dynamic island as you have never seen it before: from the air. This is the most planned city in the world and the only. Click here to watch the video.


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