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Our Independent Professionals (IPs) are expert HR Professional who can immediately add value to your business and put your mission into motion.  

Trial Workshop on “Experiential Team-building Through Floorcurling”

About 20 volunteers, which included Entrepreneurs, HR and L&D Professionals, Consultants, Counsellors and Retirees, actively participated in a series of experiential learning using the sport of Floorcurling. During this 2-hour trial workshop, not only did the volunteers learn to play the game of Floorcurling, they took away lessons on...

[Blog 30] The Chief Guru Chronicles 106: Mind Over Matter

Adopting a global mindset is imperative in today’s world where conflicting interpretations of culture and values are inevitable. This encompasses a wide spectrum of dimensions and factors that can influence employee engagement, even coming down to ethnicities, religion, history and geographical locations. The perception of the world among various...

Workshop on Divergent Innovation for Future HR

This Workshop help participants to build up the capacity to produce many, or a great number of complicated or complex ideas from a single idea or simple triggers or ideas. It calls for making of unexpected combinations, changing information into unanticipated forms, identifying connections among remote associates, and the like.

The Jack of All Trades & Probably Master of All


“Skills are the tools you acquire in order to achieve your dreams.” – Ho Kwon Ping, Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings

Breaking Your Limits


Meet the Leader sessions are informal discussions for participants to hear about the personal experiences of leading world figures. On this occasion, Global Shapers and special guests from the Young Global Leaders and Technology Pioneers communities will have the opportunity to meet Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group...

[Blog 29] The Chief Guru Chronicles 105: Go Global, Act Local

While a supportive and nurturing boss is vital to your overall job experience and development—especially during the early stages of your career—do you ever feel like your manager couldn’t care less about or undermines your career growth? You display enthusiasm with a set of exceptional work ethics to boot,...

Workshop on The Power of Purpose

To give participants an understanding of what purpose is, and its relation to talent and passion and the application of this knowledge personally and professionally at work.

1-Day or 3-Day In-House Workshop on People Management Skills for Business & Operations Managers (popularly known as HR for non-HR Professionals)

To give participants an overview of what frontline and people managers need to know about human resource management concepts, tools and applications.


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