Boss At His Best: Application of the Employment Act

The Employment Act is Singapore’s main employment law. It provides for the basic terms and working conditions for employees through core provisions and Part IV provisions that provide additional protection. This case study is intended to be used as a reference guide only and hope to inspire employers to...

Catching Up… (Lawrence Lee and Tan Eng Leong)

A great feeling of nostalgia – Tan Eng Leong (left) reconnecting with Lawrence Lee (centre) after losing touch for many years.

Continuing Professional Development – The Art of War

An evening well spent learning The Art of War – Strategic Offence by Sun Tzu Learning Circle. The most important takeaway : “ Thus we may say that if you know yourself and know your enemy, you will gain victory a hundred times out of a hundred. If you...

Catching Up With Sarjit Singh

Great pleasure to meet Sarjit Singh (left), former doormen of Raffles Hotel. A great feeling of nostalgia – brought back memories of those days when we worked at the grand old dame – Raffles Hotel. For 26 years, Sarjit worked as doormen at Raffles Hotel and had been an icon...

Inspirational Leader

The following is a heartwarming appreciation note from Issac Ahmad, for our Chief Guru, Tommy Ng. “ As we are on the last stretch of 2018 and taking stock of our life, I would like to acknowledge some people in my career journey. Gratitude goes out to all my...

Amendments To The Employment Act

The Employment Act (EA) has been amended and changes will take effect from 1 April 2019. Have questions about the changes? Get answers from MOM guide:

Strengthen Team Bonding Through The Sport of FloorCurling with Sunray Wood Craft

HRguru is thrilled to work with 20 senior managers from Sunray Woodcraft on an exhilarating one-day customised team-bonding program through the sport of FloorCurling! Sunray’s HR Director, Mr Chan Earn Meng set the scene for the day with an earnest opening address. Focused on the program theme of making...

Catching Up With Yu We Le, Grace

Great pleasure to reconnect again with We Le (centre of picture), Executive Director (SHRI), after losing touch for many years. A great feeling of nostalgia – brought back memories of those days when we worked collectively as a group to keep our workforce during the SARS crisis. That was some...

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