[Blog 37] How To 101: How to Find The Right HR Advisor

HR professionals often find themselves stumped when faced with their own set of career challenges or employment situations. While most employees acquire the help of the HR department when they need to tactically navigate certain issues at the workplace, it seems like there is no one inside the company...

HR from the Outside-In


The essential premise of HR from the outside in is that the business of HR should be the business — the external conditions that shape the business and the stakeholders who are invested in its success.

IPS Workshop on Human Capital Needs in Industry 4.0

The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) organised a Workshop on Human Capital Needs in Industry 4.0 on Wednesday, 17th July 2019 at the Orchard Hotel.

National Wages Council 2019/2020 Guidelines

The NWC calls on companies to continue to adopt fair and progressive contracting and employment practices. To read the NWC 2019/2020 Guidelines, please CLICK here.

How a Buddhist monk turned CEO revived Japan Airlines from bankruptcy

When JAL was state-owned, it had picked up some bad habits. After privatisation, it lacked the instinct for survival. Inside the Storm looks at how a man with no aviation experience broke the mould.

Report: Singapore Yearbook Of Manpower Statistics 2019

The Yearbook contains a wide range of statistics on the labour market. These include key data on the labour force, job vacancy, wages, retrenchment, labour turnover, hours worked, conditions of employment, labour relations, workplace safety and health, higher education and skills training.

Launch of The IPS-APRU Project Report

The APRU (Association of Pacific Rim) Universities was involved in the project on “Transformation of Work in the Asia Pacific in the 21st Century”. The IPS-APRU Project Report discusses the uncertainty surrounding human capital development and employment in the age of the digital economy.

Be Bold, be Positive and be Great!


Watch this, it’s amazingly funny and hilarious! See how this guy disrupted the way his job was done for years. It’s really about having fun in what you are doing and absolute passion for your job.

Government Accepts Recommendations to Implement PWM Bonus and Annual Increment to PWM Wage Levels for Landscape Maintenance Sub-sector

The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) complements Workfare and other existing measures to support our workers, by increasing their wages and ensuring their continued employability. From 1 Jan 2020, landscape maintenance workers will receive an annual PWM bonus of at least 2 weeks’ pay.


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