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Don’t compete. Collaborate! Your business can gain tremendous benefits through strategic relationships within a broader business network. That’s why HRguru is working with HR and corporate services professionals to connect the dots and break frontiers in HR excellence. Together, we are building a HR community and network to empower professionals and create value for their clients through mutually-beneficial relationships and meaningful collaborations.

The HRguru Community comprises:


  • HRguru License Network

    for independent HR practitioners and consultants who would like to jumpstart their business.

  • HRguru Affiliates

    for corporate service professionals and firms who wish to engage in a reciprocal services provision relationship with HRguru.

  • HRguru Service Providers

    for top-level HR experts who can offer highly specialized services and programmes through HRguru.

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Become a member of the HRguru License network

Starting a new business doesn’t always come easily. It’s about inspiration, perspiration, relentless hard work, investment of time and money and sometimes that elusive element called luck.

HR entrepreneurs and independent practitioners can gain a quick head start by joining the HRguru License Network as a Licensed member. Through a flexible arrangement, you can grow or scale your business sustainably and successfully.

HRguru is committed to promoting and advancing professionalism and a high quality consulting community. We are transparent and take great care when selecting new members to the HRguru License Network. Join our HR community and network today!

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Become a HRguru Affiliate

The heat is on to stay ahead. Your clients demand an excellent experience with shorter turnaround time and more value from you. HRguru is your game changer.

Through online subscription services or referral packages, we can work with you to help reshape your business, tap new white-space opportunities and let you focus on your core capabilities. Accounting firms, corporate service providers, executive search firms and business coaches can become HRguru Affiliates to provide reliable and trusted HR advice for their clients, creating a new revenue stream without the additional resources.

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HRguru Service Providers

HRguru has an extensive network of service providers, accomplished professionals with hands-on experience and a diverse range of professional expertise, who deliver specialist services and focused programmes tailored to the unique needs and goals of our clients.

Independent Professionals
Corporate Service Providers

 Connect with us to discuss membership collaboration opportunities related to:

  • Online HR advisory start-up
  • Preferred pricing or referral packages that can be extended to clients
  • Volume-based pricing for HRguru services provided to clients
  • HR content for media vehicles
  • HR experts for speaking engagements
  • Educational or academic partnerships
  • Or other arrangements based on your needs

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