People come to us with difficult problems. If you’re here because you need help, then you’ve come to the right place.
We solve problems, for people and for businesses. Choose a service to find detailed information about how we can connect the dots and break frontiers for you.

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HRguru is an innovative and niche HR consultancy. We work with individuals, professionals and businesses, offering services that are customizable, scalable and always relevant to your precise needs.

HRguru Advisory Services

Advice for you and your career, on-demand

Solve your people problems and career issues

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HRguru Consultancy

Consultancy services – flexible and customised

Maximise the potential of your people

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HRguru Solutions

Outsourcing – scalable and sustainable

Free your business to focus on core competencies

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HRguru Executive Compensation

At HRguru, we do HR and only HR, so as to help you navigate the intricacies and complexities of executive compensation proficiently and with confidence.

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HRguru Career Counseling

Advance your HR career. Our deep experience and knowledge of HR at all levels and across industries lets us provide you with expert career advice, counseling and coaching.

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HRguru Academy

Take your HR expertise to the next level. HRguru provides continuing education, strategic outreach and networking to bring out the best in your people and your organisation.

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HRguru Community

Don’t compete. Collaborate! Your business can gain tremendous benefits through strategic relationships within a broader business network.

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