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Who We Are

Connecting Dots, Breaking Frontiers

HRguru is your source for dedicated HR Advisory services, HR Consultancy, career support, talent search, professional advice, coaching and HR solutions.

We are a team of HR experts and independent professionals who possess a wide range of HR function skills and deep knowledge and understanding of today’s complex HR challenges. Together we are cultivating a growing network of HR professionals, HR Consultants and service providers, forming a critical mass of HR expertise which is raising the bar for standard practices and human resource consultancy in the HR industry.

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HRguru was also voted as the Best Consultancy – HR Advisory, in HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards 2017.

HR Services Singapore - HRM Awards 2017 - Readers' Choice Best Consultancy HR Advisory

What We Do

We provide online, on-demand professional human resource advice, expert consultation and customised solutions for even the most complex HR challenges and people problems.

We work with individuals, professionals and businesses, offering career services, HR advice and coaching, consulting and outsourcing, and talent acquisition. Our services are customisable, scalable and relevant to your precise needs.

If you’re here because you need help, then you’ve come to the right place. We solve problems, for people and for businesses.

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Who We Help

HRguru helps students, employees, HR professionals, people managers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and business leaders. We help:

Students and People take their careers to the next level

Job advice from the pros

Individuals with employment questions

Immediate solutions to difficult workplace problems

HR professionals with technical questions and people problems

Expert insight and foresight

People Managers build positive relationships

Trusted guidance for managing people

Decision-makers choose the best course of action

Fresh perspectives on complicated issues

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners with their SME HR needs

A sounding board for new ideas

Businesses manage their HR functions

Flexible, scalable and sustainable

Why Choose Us?

We Do HR and Only HR

HRguru singular and dedicated focus enables us to offer independent and practical & pragmatic professional advice, expert consultation and customized solutions for even the most complex HR challenges and people issues. We work with individuals, professionals and businesses, offering services that are customizable, scalable and always relevant to your precise needs.

Expert Insight and Foresight

Access to a team of award-winning HR experts, who possess a wide range of strategic and functional HR skills and deep knowledge and understanding of today’s complex HR challenges and people issues

Fresh Perspective on Complicated and Difficult Issues

We are your sounding board, helping you to clarify and sharpen your thinking. Drawing from our deep HR experience and expertise, we help you to expand your frame of reference and empower you to take the best course of action.

Peace of Mind

When you need immediate, real-life answers to urgent questions on difficult workplace and people problems, HRguru is your personal advisor, assuring prompt, expert, confidential, and even anonymous service and support.

HRguru Independent Professionals

HRguru has an extensive network of Independent Professionals (IPs), accomplished professionals with hands-on experience and a diverse range of professional expertise, who deliver specialist services and focused programmes tailored to the unique needs and goals of our clients.

Chia Boon Cher logo

Chia Boon Cher

IR Guru

An expert in employment relations and human resource management. Boon Cher has written two books: Practical Guide to the Employment Act for Good HR Practices and Practical Guide to the Employment of Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) for Good HR Practices.

Kevin Goh logo

Kevin Goh

Executive Compensation Guru

An executive compensation expert, Kevin’s area of expertise includes design of total compensation structure, short-term and long-term incentive plans, equity-based incentive plans, benefits design, top management pay design, share plan valuations, non-executive director compensation, severance package, retirement gratuity and performance management.

Chow Kwok Wah logo

Chow Kwok Wah

HR Guru

An expert in strategic and operational human resource management, Kwok Wah specializes in talent acquisition, talent management, succession planning, rewards and benefit management, learning and development and employee and industrial relations in large organizations, especially in the transport and logistics industry.

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What Our Clients Say

HRguru eStore

HR Guru eStore

HRguru collaborates with leading authors, publishers and brands to curate products, services, and knowledge & business-based resources for you.

Whether you are just starting out in your HR career or are at the top levels of your organisation, search and browse our popular collections to help you connect the dots and break frontiers.

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HRguru Insights & Blogs

Blogs - Connect the Dots with HRguru

HR Guru Executive Compensation

[Blog 58] The Chief Guru Chronicles 207: How to Introduce a Flexible Benefits Scheme in Singapore

In today's competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is a priority for companies across various industries. One effective strategy that companies are adopting is the implementation of a flexible benefits scheme.

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HRguru Media & Publications

Nothing Surprises Me: I work in HR,
A Personal Journey (Premium Edition)

In a global economy, particularly when you are in HR or someone responsible for people matters, interactions with vastly different people and cultures are inevitable and par for the course.

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Blogs - HR Voices

5 Performance Appraisal Insights for Startups in Remote Working

Established enterprises often experiment with traditional and modern methods of performance appraisal and have moved from 360 degrees appraisal to more focused and sophisticated systems like Objective and Key Results (OKRs).

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Thoughts & Inspirations

Charisma University Alumni (Singapore Chapter)

Charisma’s Circle of Influence and Impacts

An inaugural meeting of the Charisma University Alumni (Singapore Chapter), a gathering of decorated and luminary persons recognised by the University, was held on Saturday, 25th March 2023 at the National University Guild House at Suntec City.

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Client Engagement Events

We wish you a Prosperous and Rewarding year ahead

HRguru wishes you a Happy Lunar New Year 2024

We wish you a prosperous and rewarding year ahead!

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HR Resources & News

HR Guru - Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation in Singapore for your HR needs

At HRguru, we help you navigate the intricacies and complexities of executive compensation proficiently and with confidence. Our singular focus gives us a deeper understanding on how to align compensation plans with company strategy and culture.

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HRguru Corporate Service Providers

HRguru partners with expert Corporate Service Providers offering specialised and innovative HR Consulting and HR Solutions. With these collaborations, a HR Guru community and network is formed to empower professionals and create value for their clients through mutually-beneficial relationships.


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Expert and customised consultations, solutions and learning trusted by entrepreneurs and organizational stakeholders


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