HR consultancy

Is your business wasting a valuable opportunity? If you lack the time, resources and specialist knowledge to deal effectively with your HR initiatives, you’re not just missing out on a chance to boost productivity, you’re losing a competitive edge.

HRguru knows HR, but we also know business and how managing people effectively ultimately contributes to the bottom line. HRguru HR consultancy services can help you achieve a strategic competitive advantage through your people.

We can help you with:

  • Organisation design and development
  • Competency and capability development
  • Compensation, benefits and performance management
  • Employee engagement and culture alignment
  • Talent Management
  • Leadership strategy, assessment and development
  • Diversity and equal opportunity
  • HR transformation
  • HR M&A (Merger & Acquisitions), due diligence and risk management
  • Labour-management relations
  • Collective bargaining, dispute resolution and mediation
  • Any HR functions

A one-stop integrated consultancy, HRguru will build a customised relationship with you and your business based on your exact requirements and objectives. Our flexible and bespoke HR consultancy packages give you the option to choose between an on-demand pricing scheme charged per hour or consulting rates that are project-based.

Access our deep HR experience and practical real-life solutions to solve your business HR needs. Contact us now to connect the dots and break frontiers.

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