Charisma’s Circle of Influence and Impacts

An inaugural meeting of the Charisma University Alumni (Singapore Chapter), a gathering of decorated and luminary persons recognised by the University, was held on Saturday, 25th March 2023 at the National University Guild House at Suntec City.

Honorary Ph.D. Conferment

Congratulations to our Founder & Chief Guru, Dr. Tommy Ng Yew Chye for the conferment of his Honorary Doctorate from Charisma University in recognition of his illustrious and acclaimed career, business accomplishments, outstanding contributions and distinguished service to the human resource community in Asia, especially Singapore.

January 1st 2021 “Movement”


A word that could help you get through the rest of 364 days of the year with ease.

Analyse Your Skills Quotient

Get a list of recommended courses and content based on your career aspiration within 5 minutes! Click here to analyse your Skills Quotient.

Lessons from the generals: Decisive action amid the chaos of crisis

Inspiration drawn from crisis-management professionals can help decision makers in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Difference Between Boss and Leader


An inspiring short video that demonstrates the difference between boss and leader.

The 10th Apple Effect


Never let the 10th Apple Effect make you take gifts in life for granted. Never let your gratitude for life fade away. Watch this excellent video by Sreejith Krishnan (#WisdomShots), that comes with a great message. It’s truly inspiring and humbling.

What A Powerful Lesson: A Son Took His Father For A Dinner


We all need this powerful lesson. A son took his father to a restaurant for an evening dinner.

HR from the Outside-In


The essential premise of HR from the outside in is that the business of HR should be the business — the external conditions that shape the business and the stakeholders who are invested in its success.


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