Managing Workforce During COVID-19

‘The key to the success of the remote team is consistent and transparent communication.” Listen to the podcast between two successful people, Shankar Krishnamoorthy, CEO, Synergita and Tommy Ng, Chief guru, HR Guru.

[Circuit Breaker Special] Nothing Surprises me: I work in HR, A Personal Journey (Premium Edition)

During this Circuit Breaker stay-home period, as we hunker down, take this opportunity to keep yourself busy and pick up some good reads.

Give the Gift of Wisdom

During this holiday seasons, what better ways to express your heartfelt appreciation to your staff than to give the gift of wisdom! Help your staff discover how Tommy Ng's turn an experience into wisdom in his book "Nothing Surprises me: I work in HR, A Personal Journey (Premium Edition)".

Nothing Surprises Me: I work in HR,
A Personal Journey (Premium Edition)

In a global economy, particularly when you are in HR or someone responsible for people matters, interactions with vastly different people and cultures are inevitable and par for the course.

A Practical Guide to The Employment Act for Good HR Practices, 3rd Edition

Following the amendments to the Employment Act effective 1st April 2019, the authors have decided to publish this 3rd Edition to keep the readers up-to-date, with special focus on the latest amendments to the Employment Act and the employment of Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs).

HRguru Corporate Video


Connecting Dots, Breaking Frontiers – HRguru is your source for dedicated HR career support, professional advice, coaching and business solutions. We are a team of HR experts who possess a wide range of HR function skills and deep knowledge and understanding of today’s complex HR challenges. Together we are...

Catch Our Founder & Chief Guru In an Adrenalin Filled Action


Watch this personalized video as Tommy and Jassy get supercharged & have fun! See them experience the thrills, energy and excitement reflected through their exhilarating drive on the World's Toughest Circuit - Jaguar's proprietary Smart Cone Challenge.

[Connect the Dots Collection Video 2] – How You Can Create an Inclusive and Harmonious Workplace


For many years, creating an inclusive and harmonious environment is believed to be a key driver in employee engagement and commitment. Well-managed diverse teams were known to demonstrate greater performance than homogeneous teams, whereas poorly managed diverse teams demonstrated the opposite tendency. Tommy Ng will share with you, on...

[Connect the Dots Collection Video 1] – What to Look Out for in HR Experts


HR experts play a key role in almost every business today. From implementing company policies and regulations, to managing people-related processes, HR experts help to mould a high performance culture in companies and achieve long term business growth. But with so many potential HR experts out there, how do...

Connecting Dots, Breaking Frontiers


HRguru is an innovative professional services firm specialising in Human Resources and people matters. Whether you are a student, employee, people manager, HR professional or business leader, HRguru® is here to help you to make the right HR decisions. For more information, click here to view our corporate pamphlet on...


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