[Circuit Breaker Special] Nothing Surprises me: I work in HR, A Personal Journey (Premium Edition)

During this Circuit Breaker stay-home period, as we hunker down, take this opportunity to keep yourself busy and pick up some good reads.

From the comforts of your home, enjoy this excellent and essential read:

Nothing Surprises me: I work in HR, A Personal Journey (Premium Edition)
By Tommy Ng, Asia’s Leading HR Advisor, Entrepreneur & Author

In this book, Tommy will share with you useful insights to managing real life experiences and be empowered to make the right HR choices – for your career, in your work, and for your business and stakeholders.

What Everyone Is Saying:

“ The book deals with real life situations of having to deal with bribery by avoiding the sharks and swimming with fishes. The book is written in such easy to read format that readers will benefit from the nuggets of HR’s wisdom in a flash. It’s great illumination by a seasoned HR guru ”

David Leong, Executive Director, CapitalCorp Partners

“ As I have had the privilege of walking alongside with Tommy during his journey at Raffles International Limited, this book ‘Nothing Surprises Me: I Work in HR’ resonates with me and is very impactful. I found Tommy’s voice to be authentic and his advice sincere and relevant ”

Rajam Lai, SPHR, VP Human Resources, B&B Hospitality Group, New York, USA

For a very limited period, you can now get to enjoy reading Nothing Surprises Me: I work in HR, A Personal Journey (Premium Edition), Soft Cover at only $15 per copy (Usual Price is $25) with free local delivery by normal mail.

This special offer is valid till 4 May 2020.

Nothing Surprises me: I work in HR, A Personal Journey
(Premium Edition)

Soft Cover – [Circuit Breaker Special]

S$15 per copy
(Usual Price S$25)


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