Nothing Surprises Me: I work in HR,
A Personal Journey (Premium Edition)

By Tommy Ng, Asia’s leading HR Advisor, Entrepreneur & Author

For fellow HR Professionals and People Managers.

Who may or may not have experienced it, managed it and overcome it.


In a global economy, particularly when you are in HR or someone responsible for people matters, interactions with vastly different people and cultures are inevitable and par for the course. Since it’s different strokes for different folks, simply going by best practices may not be enough. From tackling corporate politics to dealing with cultural sensitivities, a mature, global mindset is necessary. But how does one know what to do without the requisite experience?

Turn an experience into wisdom, that’s where this book comes in. In this book, Nothing Surprises Me: I work in HR, A Personal Journey (Premium Edition), Tommy challenges established assumption, debunks conventional wisdom, addresses the white spaces in HR landscape and shares inspiring success stories, all while he sheds some light on the highs and lows of his own personal career journey, both regionally and globally. Just so you won’t have to learn it the hard way.

The stories in this book is categorized into 4 sections – Thoughts & Inspirations; Insight & Foresight; Connect The Dots and Break Frontiers. You will find useful nuggets through Tommy’s insights and real world accounts based on his personal journey, carefully curated to empower you to make the right HR choices – for your career, in your work, for your business and for your stakeholders.

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(Limited Edition) Hard Bound – S$40.00
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What Everyone Is Saying:

“ In Tommy’s book “Nothing Surprises Me: I Work In HR” it laid out the different dimensions and complex interactions a HR practitioner will likely face – from moral and ethical justice, cultures and values to the granular HR’s balancing of compensation to attract and retain.

The book deals with real life situations of having to deal with bribery by avoiding the sharks and swimming with fishes. The book is written in such easy to read format that readers will benefit from the nuggets of HR’s wisdom in a flash. It’s great illumination by a seasoned HR guru.

A definite good read for HR practitioners from all stripes. It’s HR made simple with Tommy. ”

David Leong , Executive Director, CapitalCorp Partners Managing Director, PeopleWorldwide Consulting

Nothing Surprises Me: I Work In HR by Tommy Ng summarises the lifelong learning journey one Chief HR Officer has taken to gaining strategic HR leadership expertise that is far more dynamic than simply “managing” HR in a workplace. Nothing Surprises Me: I Work In HR testifies that there is never a dull moment in an international HR career!

Nothing Surprises Me: I Work In HR is an easy-to-digest book that demonstrates how HR leaders and senior HR managers can reflect on their own personal career journeys and share their experiences for the benefit of the next generation of HR professionals. Despite its unsurprising title, Tommy Ng offers a book of genuine surprises for readers who may either be looking for inspiration in their HR career or feeling stuck in a traumatic cycle somewhere between longevity and prosperity. Using 15 anecdotes from his celebrated experiences as an HR Leader, Tommy reveals the important lessons he learnt from navigating the global business environment and influencing colleagues in the workplace. Each “light bulb” moment in Tommy’s anecdotes is a pertinent reminder that HR management also involves learning to manage your own career better. ”

David C Tham, Managing Partner, nanoKnowledge® Australia

“ As I have had the privilege of walking alongside with Tommy during his journey at Raffles International Limited, this book ‘Nothing Surprises Me: I Work in HR’ resonates with me and is very impactful. I found Tommy’s voice to be authentic and his advice sincere and relevant.

Tommy’s understanding of developing an effective global HR perspective has hammered in the crucible of real world experience and has been tempered by the fire of his drive and ambition. There really is no substitute for this and as Tommy has so perceptively acknowledged, so many decisions in HR are made by intuition as there are no precedents to go by and each situation is unique.

We humans are inherently unpredictable and it is precisely this unpredictability that makes the role of the HR professionals so interesting and challenging. I see ‘Nothing Surprises Me: I Work in HR’ as a valuable primer for HR professionals seeking to further their careers and learn from one of the best. ”

Rajan Lai, SPHR, VP Human Resources, B&B Hospitality Group, New York, USA
Former Regional VP Human Resources (Americas) for Raffles Hotels & Resorts & Swissotel Hotels & Resorts


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