[Blog 3] How HR Advisory Services Can Help Your SME


Budget constraints. Having a small core business team.

Do you find yourself citing these reasons to support why your SME lacks a HR department?

Unlike most large companies, HR departments are often absent in small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Despite facing similar human resource issues and challenges, many SMEs choose to believe that their HR activities can be managed easily given their small teams, and thus neglect to invest in proper HR systems.

This is a startling misconception.

Recruiting the wrong candidates, poor training and development programs, as well as the lack of proper performance appraisals are all common problems that surface in SMEs.

And they are just the tip of the iceberg.

What many SMEs fail to comprehend is that these poorly implemented people-related processes and policies leave a negative impact on employees’ motivation, attrition rates, and ultimately, the company’s performance.

With high turnover rates, low employee engagement and lower returns being possible implications for SMEs, it is thus crucial that SME founders do not overlook the strategic side of HR or view it as just another ‘administrative function’.

So what can your SME do?

If hiring an in-house HR professional is too costly, seeking HR advisory services can be your next best alternative.

From providing advise on how to foster a high performance culture to helping your SME make difficult employment decisions, our SME HR services can help you to tackle your company’s toughest problems and offer practical suggestions tailored to your company.

At HRguru, our team of HR experts will guide and support your company through that and more.

Managing performance, building employee connectivity and engagement, and even navigating vulnerable labour-management relations (LMR) conciliation or negotiation matters, we make sure that your HR head is on the right track for your business.

In turn, your SME can then benefit from an improved HR management system that is aligned to the needs and culture of the company; more clearly defined HR policies and strategies that can help to drive employees; improved reward strategies and payroll systems for incentivisation; and a thorough performance appraisal system which enhances future work performance. All this at a fraction of the cost of hiring a fully functioning HR department.

With the benefits of a fully functioning HR department, and the option to tailor your HR costs to your SME’s HR needs, hiring HR advisory services is a great solution for many SMEs.

So why hesitate?

Learn more about the different HR advisory services offered on our website today!



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