[Blog 4] Is Career Counselling in Singapore Worth It?

Many will probably agree with the statement that career counselling in Singapore seems pointless.

For those looking to find a job, the prevalence of recruitment agencies and job portals in recent years has made locating a job far easier. Furthermore, the availability of career finding resources online makes it such that job seekers can learn how to better promote themselves even without the help of a career counsellor.

With these aspects somewhat fulfilled, seeking career counselling just doesn’t feel worth it. After all, what more value can a career counsellor offer that popular career software such as O*Net or Eureka cannot?

Contrary to that belief, career counselling is helpful, simply because they do more than just aiding you in landing the job.

Beyond teaching you the core career landing skills (such as how to write a good resume and cover letter, create an appealing profile on LinkedIn, and how to network successfully), career counsellors serve as your job compass, career strategist and mirror.

By tapping on their HR knowledge and experience that stretches across the various industries, learn more about the jobs offered in Singapore that would suit your strengths and interests and other employment options you may not have previously considered. Unlike online resources which often give you the information you want to hear about your considered industry and career choice, career counsellors give you a realistic idea of what to expect so that you can make a more informed decision.

You can also gain personalised advice that better showcases your strengths in your job application, and through career counselling, find out what will make you more attractive in the Singapore job market and the industry you’re gunning for.

Lastly, career counsellors also offer you a second opinion that is crucial in helping you learn from your mistakes. Where many tend to overlook their shortcomings and flaws, career counsellors can identify those potentially costly bad habits, allowing you to rectify them and boost your appeal to employers.

Ultimately, career counsellors form the human touch lacking in online resources and job portals, and are catered to helping you find the right job (not just a job that happens to be available).

So perhaps, when you are thinking of jumpstarting your career, or at the fork road deliberating about a career change, it is time for you to consider hiring a career counsellor.

Because they are worth it.




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