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Online Master Classes

Workshop 1: 15 – 16 October 2020
Workshop 2: 29 – 30 October 2020

4 half-day workshops
9am – 1pm

Break: 10.30am – 10.45am
Online Platform: Cisco Webex

Course Fee: $480 per pax for each workshop (No GST)

For participants who sign up both Workshop 1 & 2, the course fees will only be $880 and receive a complimentary copy of the updated book “A Practical Guide to The Employment Act for Good HR Practices, 3rd Edition” worth $39.99 and a premium free one-month advisory service by Chia Boon Cher upon completion of both Workshops.

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The Employment Act and the Industrial Relations Act give the employers the right to dismiss an employee for misconduct. However, the employers are required to conduct proper inquiry before dismissing a worker for any misconduct. The inquiry consists of two components: first thorough investigation and second, a hearing before a Board of Inquiry (BOI). More often than not, employers fail to conduct investigations properly. This results in defective Board of Inquiry (BOI).

It is important that employers carry out proper investigations into the alleged misconduct fairly and effectively. This requires, among other things, the gathering of relevant facts and evidence. It also requires the properly questioning techniques and investigation skills. Next, the employee must be given a fair hearing before a panel or Board of Inquiry (BOI).

Workshop Objectives

The workshop will provide participants with skills and knowledge in handling workplace investigations and the conducting of a Board of Inquiry (BOI) effectively. The 4 half-day program consists of 2 segments: Workshop 1 will covers investigation procedure; and Workshop 2 covers the conduct of a BOI.

By the end of the 4 half-day Workshop, participants will be able to achieve the following learning outcomes:-

  • How to conduct investigation at the workplace on disciplinary issues.
  • Explain the importance of holding “due inquiry” under the Section 14 (1) of Employment Act and Section 35(3) of the Industrial Relations Act.
  • Explain how the principles of natural justice apply in workplace investigations and the conducting of a BOI.
  • How to conduct BOI effectively.


Lecture, case-studies, mock sessions, discussion and Question-and-Answer sessions.

Course Outline

Workshop 1 (2 Half-Day Session)

By the end of this segment, participants will be able to achieve the following learning outcomes:-

  1. Explain the importance of holding “due inquiry”
  2. Explain why holding “due inquiry” is required under Section 14 (1) of Employment Act and Section 35(3) of the Industrial Relations Act
  3. How to conduct proper investigation.

In Workshop 1, participants will learn four important skills:

  1.  Conducting effective and impartial investigations using the PEACE process
  2. Handling possible problems which may occur at the investigation stage
  3. Gathering and evaluating evidence
  4. Drafting of complaints or charges

Case Study

Pre-programme case-study and discussion.

Mock Session

How to conduct an investigation effectively.


Workshop 2 (2 Half-Day Session)

This segment will focus on how to conduct proper Board of Inquiry (BOI). Both the employer representative and the panelists of the BOI must know how to conduct the BOI fairly and effectively. This requires the necessary skills in presentation and question techniques.

By the end of this segment, participants will be able to achieve the following learning outcome:-

  1. Explain the importance of natural justice in holding the BOI.
  2. How to conduct proper questioning techniques.
  3. How to present the facts and evidences to the BOI.
  4. How to conduct the BOI fairly and effectively.

In Workshop 2, participants will learn five important skills:

  1. Presenting employer’s case effectively
  2. Conducting effective and impartial hearing
  3. Handling possible problems which may occur at BOI confidently
  4. Evaluating evidence using the credibility checklist
  5. Deciding on appropriate penalty by management

Case Study

a) Is inquiry mandatory under the law?
b) What constitutes a proper inquiry?

Mock Session (Role Play)

How to conduct a BOI effectively.

Who Should Attend?

Line-managers, supervisors, executives and HR practitioners or any person who is required to chair or conduct a BOI session.

Online Platform

Cisco WebEx


Chia Boon Cher, IR Guru
HRguru Pte Ltd

Mr Chia Boon Cher has over 16 years of experience in the Ministry of Manpower before he joined the private sector in 1990. At the Ministry, he held various appointments including Enforcement Officer (Labour Inspectorate), Assistant Director (Conciliation) and the Registrar of Trade Unions. His experiences encompassed enforcement of the various labour laws including the Employment Act and conciliation of trade disputes. He also has wide knowledge of human resource management and industrial relations, having worked in Singapore National Employers’ Federation (SNEF), foreign multi-national companies (like SmithKline Beecham) and large local corporations (like ST Aerospace).

He obtained his MA, HRD from George Washington University and BSc (Econs)(Hons, 2nd Upper) from London University. For the past 14 years, he has been sharing his experience and expertise in the field of labour laws and practices through lectures, talks and workshops in NTUC, SIM, SNEF, MDIS, SHRI, PSB Academy, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (NUS), and private organisations.

Mr Chia is currently an Independent Professional with HR Guru Pte Ltd and also the Principal Consultant of his own firm, Action Consulting & Training. He provides training and consultancy services in the field of employment relations and human resource management. He is the author of the books: “Practical Guide to the Employment Act for Good HR Practices” and “Practical Guide to the Employment of Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) for Good HR Practices.”

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