Practical Guide to the Employment Act for Good HR Practices

Practical Guide to the Employment Act for Good HR Practices (2nd Edition)

by Chia Boon Cher & Edmund Baker

With special focus on frequently asked but unanswered questions and the employment of Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs).

The Employment Act is the basic labour law governing employment relations in Singapore. It was enacted in 1968 and underwent several amendments over the years.

In April 2014, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) amended the Employment Act, fundamentally extending the coverage of the Employment Act to include professionals, managers and executives (PMEs).

The Practical Guide to the Employment Act for Good HR Practices (2nd Edition) examines the implications of the amendment for employers, employees, PMEs and Human Resource practitioners and provides never-before-explained insights of the Act based on author Chia Boon Cher’s over 40 years experience in HR management and development.

Written in a “Question-and-Answer” format, readers will not only get to know the rights of PMEs but also the rationale behind some of these legislations.

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What other experts say about the book:
Practical Guide to the Employment Act for Good HR Practices.

From a union,

“ An excellent reference manual for any would-be HR manager as well as IR Practitioner.  This is a very well laid-out guide book with all the relevant sections of the Act organised by subject headings for easy reference. Boon Cher has drawn from his vast experience to provide practical answers on the “how to” aspects of managing those difficult FAQ issues.  His tips on good HR policies and practices can only raise the standard of HR management and encourage the adoption of fair employment practices among his readers. ”

Mrs Cheong-Law Swee Hong, Deputy Secretary-General, SMMWU


From a Government-Linked Corporation (GLC):

“ An easy to read book which nicely summarises all the essential points that one would need to know about the Employment Act and more importantly linking them to the day-to-day practical applications of these laws with respect to good HR policies and practices. An encyclopaedia for all HR practitioners. ”

Tommy Ng, Senior Vice President, Human Resource, SMRT Corporation Ltd


From a Multi-National Corporation (MNC):

“ It is a very good guide not only for the HR practitioners but also the line managers. It is easy to understand. ”

Lee Soon Kim, General Manager, Human/Organisation Resource Management, Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd


From a public listed company:

“ This handbook answers many pertinent questions which both line managers & HR practitioners have in mind. More importantly, it explains the principles and rationale of the recommended practices. ”

JD Tan, Vice President, Corporate Services, CapitaLand China Holdings Pte Ltd


From a hotel chain:

“ A practical and “must read” book for all students of HR Management courses and new and experienced HR practitioners. It is equally useful for line managers when handling staff issues. ”

Eric Chui, Vice President, Human Resources Asia, Millennium & Copthorne International Hotels


From a service company:

“ This is a practical & useful book. Finally I can depend on it for my easy reference. ”

Esther Quek, Human Resource Manager, Changi International Aviation Services (CIAS)


From a healthcare service organisation:

“ A very practical book on employment that every employer and worker must have. ”

Hsu Li Ren, Deputy Director, Human Resource Development, Tan Tock Seng Hospital


From a regional corporation:

“ A must have, must read, and must refer guide for all HR rookies, practitioners and gurus.”

Nelson Lee, Regional Human Resource Head, Sime Darby Management Services (S) Pte Ltd

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