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1-Day HR’s Role in Enterprise Risk Management Masterclass

Next Masterclass is on: Wednesday, 31 October 2018.
Course Fee: $400 per pax.
Certificate of Achievement will be issued.


Implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) entails a broad approach with the aim to enhance overall corporate governance effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness in term of minimizing surprises while pursuing the organisation’s objectives. ERM also ensures efficiency in terms of deployment of company’s resources (both human resource and financial resources) towards treating issues that matter the most to the organisation.

A systematic ERM Framework will help companies clarify their contexts; identify, analyse, evaluate the risks and implement effective counter-measures. It is also very important to communicate and monitor the risks before they become surprises that may result in significant   financial losses or irreparable reputational damage.

It is therefore crucial for HR practitioners to have a good understanding of Enterprise Risk Management and their roles related to ERM so as to effectively support Management in pursuit of the organisation’s objectives.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to answer some of the typical questions such as:

  • What is Enterprise Risk Management ?
  • Why Enterprise Risk Management ?
  • What is risk-based Management Systems ?
  • What is ISO 31000 Risk Management Guide ?
  • How to identify risks ?
  • How to perform risk treatment ?
  • How to monitor and communicate risks?


Lecture, Team Exercise, Polling and Question-and-Answer sessions.

Course Outline

Know your Personality Trait

  • What personality trait is suitable for Enterprise Risk Management ?
  • How to put together a team to support Enterprise Risk Management implementation ?

Why Enterprise Risk Management ?

  • Regulatory Authorities’ Requirements
  • Mitigate Global / Corporate Disasters
  • Enhance Governance Practices and Improving productivity
  • Industry Initiatives / Stakeholders Requirements

What’s In It For HR ?

  • Risk Management structure
  • How is Risk Management associated with Objectives ?
  • ERM Scheme – Integrated Approach
  • HR involvement in ERM Policies

Risk-Based Approach

  • What is Risk-Based Approach ?
  • How to apply Risk Based Approach ?

ISO 31000 Guide for Risk Management for ERM

  • What is ISO 31000 Guideline for Risk Management ?
  • How to align implementation of Enterprise Risk Management to ISO31000 ?
  • What is Risk Maturity of your organisation ?
  • How to perform Risk Assessment ? (Identify, Analyse and Evaluate Risk)
  • How to implement Risk Treatment ?
  • How to facilitate Risk Monitoring and Review ?
  • Case-studies

During the Workshop, participants have opportunity to raise issues and problems relating to your experience and practices related to Enterprise Risk Management.

Who should attend?

Directors, Line-Managers, Supervisors, Executives and HR practitioners or any person interested to know more about implementing Enterprise Risk Management.


To be confirmed. Lunch and 2 tea-breaks will be provided.


Lee Chuen Fen, ERM Catalyst
HRguru Pte Ltd

With 18 years of specialised experience in Enterprise Risk Management(ERM), Lee Chuen Fei has worked at ST Engineering and various Business Units in different capacities, for 36 years. He was awarded the Standard Partners Merit Award by SPRING Singapore in 2013 for representing Sin-gapore Working Group in the ISO31000 International Standard.

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