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To build a team, we must first form bonds. Managers and employees can make a broader and deeper impact together by setting their heart & mind, and drive toward:

  • making a difference together;
  • collaborating & committing to proactive measures to meet the ever-changing and increasing demands of the disruptive environment.

Programme Structure

Activity 1 – Team-bonding for Transformational Impact

Key Takeaways :

This activity is about team leadership that each member should and can display to support the company’s transformation from a good to a great company.

Team-bonding Activity :

The activity will get the participants to understand the experience of making change together.

Activity 2 – Team-bonding for Inter-Departmental Collaboration

Key Takeaways:

This activity is about what it takes to think, feel and work like a team, across functional and department lines.

Team-bonding Activity:

The activity establishes the action steps the participants will take to widen the scope and deepen the experience of supporting other departments and collaborating across functions.

Activity 3 – Team-Bonding for Project Execution

Key Takeaways:

This activity focuses on the task and relational essentials for timely and effective project delivery.

Team-bonding Activity:

The activity will get the participants to appreciate their just-in-time and relational role in a project.

What is the In-depth Learning & Development Methodology and Teaching Pedagogy ?

Phase 1: Pre-Programme Development

It is crucial to making the programme a success. This in-house programme will be no different from a standard training course unless we identify concerns felt and issues faced by the client and participants. Addressing these concerns and issues will forge an important linkage between the programme and workplace scenarios. This is a pivotal phase for the programme, and will take about a day of consultations, interviews and development work. It will be used to:

  • Gauge the needs and perceptions of the participants
  • Identify matters that impact on the client’s success

Phase 2: Programme Delivery through Experiential Learning.

We use the experiential approach to take participants through the changes required to shift from our current cognitive perception and definition of “team work”. We need to move beyond know-what and know-how to know-why. The shift is within all of us to discover and to make.

Key in the experiential approach is the 5-step protocol of experiencing, publishing, processing, generalising and applying. The dialogue conversations will be well-facilitated and participants are encouraged to be case givers. They bring their own realities and be prepared to be honest about their thinking and feeling.

The depth of learning depends on how we manage the gaps between THINKING and DOING. Thinking is to increase awareness of the whole of the subject. Doing is to increase acting to serve the whole. Deeper levels of learning is to create greater awareness of the larger whole both as it is and as it is emerging and then acting to create the alternative futures; rather than be stuck in the downloading of old habits and outdated action theories.

Phase 3: Post-Programme Consultancy

HRguru will follow up with the client management on the actions needed to reinforce the main messages and sustain the practices generated in the programme.


What will you learn?

Participants will gain deeper and practical insights into influencing each other, in terms of:

  • How work is done, effectively and with satisfaction, together;
  • How openness to ideas is nurtured;
  • How buy-in of ideas is attained;
  • How agreement and consensus to initiatives is achieved;
  • How perception of team leadership is formed; and
  • How personal and professional trustworthiness is developed.


Programme Facilitators

Chow Kwok Wah, HR Guru
HRguru Pte Ltd

Chow Kwok Wah is a seasoned HR professional with over 40 years of experience, 22 years of which was spent in the transport and logistics industries.

Adrian Teo, OD Guru
HRguru Pte Ltd

Adrian Teo spent 9 years in government service; 5 years in an international NGO travelling to 57 countries worldwide; and the last 33 years running his own training consultancy.

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