1-Day In-House Employment Act and Its Practical Applications Workshop

Course Fee: $500 per pax subject to a minimum class size of 10 participants or; $6000 per day, subject to a maximum class size of 20 participants.

Workshop Objectives

To give participants a good understanding of the various provisions of the Employment Act and its applications in your day-to-day dealings at the workplace.


Lecture, Discussion, Question-and-Answer sessions and Case Studies.

Course Outline

Historical background of Employment Act

  • Scope of the Act: who are covered
  • Why were managerial, executive and confidential staff not covered under the Employment Act in the past and how do the latest amendments alter their positions?

Salary and Other Statutory Payment

  • Calculation and formula
    • Authorized & Unauthorized Deduction

Terms and Conditions of Employment

  • Shift work, working hours & limits
  • Rest Day Work
  • Working on Public Holidays

Statutory Leave

  • Annual Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Hospitalisation
  • Public Holidays
  • Denial of Leave for Disciplinary Reasons

Protection of Female Employees

  • Maternity Leave Entitlement
  • Eligibility

Termination and Dismissal

  • Termination of Contract
  • Termination without Notice
  • Dismissal for Misconduct
  • Inquiry Procedures
  • Right of Employees to Appeal
  • Consequences of Wrongful Dismissal
  • Case-studies

Recent Changes to Employment Act

  • Key Employment Terms
  • Itemized Payslips
  • Record Keeping
  • Retirement and Re-employment (Amendment) Act

At the end of the Workshop, there will be a Question-and-Answer session to provide participants an opportunity to raise issues and problems relating to your experience and practices.

The Facilitator

Mr Chow Kwok Wah is a seasoned HR professional with over 40 years of experience, 22 years of which was spent in the transport and logistics industries.

He held positions at Neptune Orient Lines Ltd (NOL), where he rose to head the Crew Management Department; served as Regional Head for Federal Express Pacific Inc., with HR responsibilities for South Asia, Australia and the Middle East; was Vice President and Head of Corporate Human Resources for Comfort DelGro Ltd. during the company’s merger; led the manpower build-up for the SBS Transit North East MRT Line; and was HR Lead for Bus, Rail and Corporate Businesses at SMRT Corporation Ltd.

Kwok Wah’s vast experience also include other sectors like manufacturing, high technology and financial services, in companies such as Smith Corona Singapore, Honeywell SE Asia and Asia Pacific, including Honeywell’s wholly-owned entity in China, Honeywell (Tianjin) Ltd., and its joint venture with China Petrochemical, Sinopec Honeywell Ltd., and Asia Capital Reinsurance.

In recent years, Kwok Wah has consulted a number of companies and provided HR input for the tender of Tower Transit’s successful bid for the Bulim Bus contract which runs public bus services in the western sector of Singapore. Currently, he also supports the Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI) as an approved employment standards compliance’s auditor, specializing in employment practices and compliance. He has helped several companies to enhance their HR capabilities, including Jurong Port, Bounce Inc Singapore, Auric Pacific, Baking Industry Training College of Prima Ltd, among others.

Kwok Wah has been the Chairman of Shipping, Land Transport and Insurance Group in Singapore National Employers’ Federation and a member of its Industrial Relations panel. He is currently a member of Raffles Institution Board of Governors and a member of its Establishment (HR) Committee. He is also a Professional member of Singapore Human Resource Institute.

Kwok Wah holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from National University of Singapore and a Diploma in Training & Development Management awarded by the Singapore Institute of Management and the Institute of Training and Development (United Kingdom).


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