National Wages Council 2019/2020 Guidelines

The NWC calls on companies to continue to adopt fair and progressive contracting and employment practices. To read the NWC 2019/2020 Guidelines, please CLICK here.

Report: Singapore Yearbook Of Manpower Statistics 2019

The Yearbook contains a wide range of statistics on the labour market. These include key data on the labour force, job vacancy, wages, retrenchment, labour turnover, hours worked, conditions of employment, labour relations, workplace safety and health, higher education and skills training.

Government Accepts Recommendations to Implement PWM Bonus and Annual Increment to PWM Wage Levels for Landscape Maintenance Sub-sector

The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) complements Workfare and other existing measures to support our workers, by increasing their wages and ensuring their continued employability. From 1 Jan 2020, landscape maintenance workers will receive an annual PWM bonus of at least 2 weeks’ pay.

1-Day Employment Act Masterclass

The Employment Act has been amended substantially since 1st April 2014. More amendments are in place with effect from 1st April 2019. It will have significant impact on both employers and employees, especially those classified as Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs).

Singapore Public Holidays for 2020

The Ministry of Manpower has released the dates of the 11 gazetted public holidays for 2020.

Reporting Work-Related Accidents

Under the Work Injury Compensation Act, an employer is required to notify MOM of work accidents within 10 days from the accident date, or from the 4th day of medical leave.

New tripartite guidelines set out what constitutes wrongful dismissal

Developed by the Manpower Ministry, National Trades Union Congress and Singapore National Employers Federation, the guidelines follow changes to the Employment Act, which now allows all employees to file claims against their employers for wrongful dismissal.

Workshop on How to Make Good Judgments

“How to Make Good Judgment” workshop uses data from a VQ Profile® Assessment combined with the cutting-edge principles, practices, and processes of NCRT (Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodelling) to quickly teach...

Amendments To The Employment Act

The Employment Act (EA) has been amended and changes will take effect from 1 April 2019. Have questions about the changes? Get answers from MOM guide:

Updates To The Employment Act – What You Need To Know

These are the changes to the Employment Act, with effect from 1 April 2019 [Source: Ministry of Manpower Singapore]


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