Many Memorable Experiences – Hyatt Regency Singapore

It’s hard to describe the feeling of nostalgia, but looking at these photographs brings back uplifting and unforgettable memories. Cannot believe I found this photo – taken in 1989. HR Team from Hyatt Regency Singapore (1989) Front Seated: Tommy, Ding Yew Soong, Donald Back Row: Katherine, Florence, Maureen, Mui...

Many Memorable Experiences – SMRT

It’s hard to describe the feeling of nostalgia, but looking at these photographs brings back uplifting and unforgettable memories. It’s crazy how fast time flies.. Ten years ago, I was leading the HR Team at SMRT and one of the more significant achievements was when we won the HRM...

Many Memorable Experiences – Cambodian Trainees

It’s hard to describe the feeling of nostalgia, but looking at these 2 photographs brings back uplifting and unforgettable memories. Nearly 20 years back, these young and aspiring trainees from Raffles Hotel Le Royal (Phnom Penh) and Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor (Siem Reap) embrace change and impermanence and greatly...

McDonald’s Ramadan


Sharing food creates a bond like no other. This Ramadan, McDonald’s brings you even more reasons to share.

Asking Yourself This 1 Question Will Instantly Reveal Whether You’re a Good Leader

Written by Marcel Schwantes, Principal and founder, Leadership From the Core The answer to the question is what will separate exceptional leaders from mere bosses. Ever worked for a leader who left an imprint on your life? The type that took you under his or her wing, coached and mentored...

How to Succeed by Being More Confident

Written by  Christina DesMarais, Contributor, It’s not the insecure people you know who do well in life. Rather, studies have shown that that the adage “confidence breeds success” is true. Whether or not they’re actually better or more skilled than others, confident individuals are perceived as more attractive and are...

The 13 Biggest Differences Between Rich & Poor People

Rich people and poor people think and act completely different from each other. They have different ways of seeing the world. Of tackling life’s challenges. Of focusing on achieving their goals. With dealing with fear, and so on. [Source:]

Everyone’s Timing is Different


Life prospective- everyone has a different clock. Wait for your time.

What is the gardener’s service secret at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore?


The world-famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore boasted an original and uplifting Mission Statement after a $100M renovation completed in 1991. Embedded in this original and empowering Mission are three words that qualify as an Engaging Service Vision: “many memorable experiences”. In this short video, customer service author and expert...

Discover “Many Memorable Experiences” at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore


Raffles Hotel is a world-famous icon of uplifting service. In the early 1990s after a $100M renovation, the hotel reopened with a renowned General Manager, Ms Jennie Chua, a world-class executive team, and a new Mission Statement crafted during a weekend retreat with customer service expert Ron Kaufman. This...


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