[Blog 43] Does Job Rotation Benefit Employee Engagement?

Does Job Rotation Benefit Employee Engagement?

Ever wondered why organisations invest in job rotation where the roles require the employees to move between at least two job roles at consistent interims with the goal that they must get exposed to different job roles and verticals within the organisation?

The main objective behind implementing job rotation is to develop an employee’s skill and competencies so they can eventually be assigned to the right department performing in the job role best suited to them.

But how does job rotation benefit employee engagement:

  1. Release boredom due to monotonous work schedule and helps to revive the willingness and excitement to perform better.
  2. Increases the employee satisfaction level and decreases the attrition rate. In the process of job rotation, employees will feel a stronger sense of belonging to the organisation as they interact with employees from other departments.
  3. Helps to align job competencies. When HR team directs employees to various roles, they can better access skills, competencies, manpower and calibre requirement which is required for the role/department/project.
  4. Exposure to new challenges drives the employee to perform better when they are given new tasks/projects to work on. This culture develops a positive competitive attitude amongst employees when they are given the opportunity to prove themselves.
  5. Explore individual employee’s interest in different fields. This promotes self-realization for employees as they get to know where their interest lies in.
  6. Identify skills, knowledge and attitude needed for the role. This will provide a good insight in the training needs analysis for employees. This process will also give line managers/department heads the opportunity to understand the needs of development for a better output.
  7. Identify the strengths in the employees. In job rotation, whilst employees are tasked to do a variety of projects with other employees with different working styles. Line managers/department heads can observe their strength in the area of interpersonal effectiveness and communication skills.

Finding the best fit candidate for a role can be an uphill task. Job rotation helps to find the best fit employee for the position within the organisation. If the program is properly implemented, job rotation helps to strengthen the organisation against uncertain external factors making recruitment and employee engagement process much easier than expected.

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