[Blog 8] Talent Search – The Difficulties of HR in Singapore

Most of us can agree: The success of any company hinges on the quality of its people. Besides attracting the right talents, companies have the additional challenge of having to retain their talents, in order to benefit from a high-quality workforce.

However, recruiting and retaining staff possessing the necessary skills, experience and credentials has been a persisting problem in recent years. In our new talent landscape, amidst high turnover rates totalling to more than 50% in some local companies, securing talents is a concern most companies face.

So where does the crux of the problem lie?

Establishing a Good Corporate Culture

Bosses and managers often recognise the importance of creating a healthy and cooperative company culture for their workers. With corporate culture playing a huge role in determining staffs’ job satisfaction and their ultimate decision of whether or not to stay, more companies strive to provide greater support for their members. However, growing market competitiveness in volatile economic landscapes have led to longer working hours and heavier workloads for companies. This makes it tougher for the management to come up with initiatives that can offset the overload their subordinates face, and as such, create a culture that talents deem attractive.

Transparent Work Culture & Leadership

As Facebook and Google’s success with their employees show, an open and collaborative organisational work culture is attractive especially to millennials! Rising individualism has sparked popularity in what is deemed a “hip geek culture”, whereby companies possess a flat structure, reducing office politics and departmental distinctions, and grant staff freedom and autonomy in the company. Most companies however, fail to implement such a work culture successfully, possessing communication barriers between management and subordinates. This often results in misunderstandings, leading staff to feel under appreciated and even disgruntled at their workplace.

Career Advancement Opportunities

It goes without saying that a company with career advancement opportunities seems more attractive compared to one without. While such opportunities are abundant in large multi-national corporations (MNC) however, small medium enterprises (SME) and start-ups with their low staff numbers lack higher management roles for staff progression. This makes staying in an SME for the long term appear less viable and thus a major factor for high attrition rates.

How can companies circumvent this?

Find the Right HR Talent

No one is better positioned to handle your staffing woes than professionals who work in human resource and staffing management. Having the central role in carrying out workforce planning, coming up with staff management initiatives, and being the bridge between management and employees, HR professionals have the deepest understanding of the exact problems your company faces, and the knowledge of what your employees desire. It is thus crucial that your company has an experienced and qualified HR professional in charge of handling your company’s recruitment and employee related initiatives.

At HRguru, find your top-notch HR professional, as we provide you with access to the best in the field, from mid-level managers to Chief HR Officers and HR Vice Presidents. Our singular focus gives us a deeper understanding of HR requirements at all organisational levels and across industries, making it the best place to find talent to fit your HR needs.

So why hesitate?

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