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At HRguru, we do HR and only HR, so as to provide you with the best talent search in Singapore to fit your HR needs perfectly. Our singular focus gives us a deeper understanding of HR requirements at all organisational levels and across industries, and our vast network of HR professionals provides access to the best in the field, from mid-level managers to Chief HR Officers and HR Vice Presidents.

  • The authoritative source

    Make the right connection via our extensive network of contacts within the HR fraternity and our effective engagement of HR professionals across a variety of social media recruiting tools.

  • Flexible offerings

    Hire only when you need to, whether occasionally or immediately, our on-demand expertise service lets you access our services without the hassle of a retainer agreement.

  • Exceptional experience

    Gain an edge from our in-depth understanding and knowledge of everything HR. Because we are seasoned HR practitioners ourselves, we know how to talent search and spot talent  to help you recruit the professionals who can bring your business to the next level.

  • Trusted ally

    Obtain the most competent staff through our talent search in Singapore. Fulfil your HR needs and aspirations with an HR ally who is focused on your success.

Our competitive advantage

We have a pool of in-demand HR professionals who are just waiting for the right opportunity. You won’t find their profiles on career sites or job boards because they work with preferred headhunters who can match them with opportunities that fit their unique requirements and interests. Our relationship with these professionals allows us to consistently deliver top-notch HR candidates, exceeding our clients’ expectations and giving them a competitive advantage.


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