Government Accepts Recommendations to Implement PWM Bonus and Annual Increment to PWM Wage Levels for Landscape Maintenance Sub-sector

[Source: Ministry of Manpower, newsroom article]

The Government has considered and accepted the recommendations in the addendum to the Tripartite Cluster for Landscape Industry (TCL)[1] report released today. The TCL recommended to implement the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) bonus for the landscape maintenance sub-sector from January 2020, and annual increment to the PWM wage levels from July 2023 to 2025.

The recommendations in the addendum to the TCL’s report are important steps towards implementing the annual bonus recommendation published in the TCL’s 2018 report[2] on proposed enhancements to the landscape PWM. The recommended PWM bonus quantum comprises at least two weeks of basic monthly wages to be paid out to eligible resident landscape maintenance employees from 1 January 2020 onwards. The PWM bonus will help to uplift the total income levels of landscape maintenance employees and their savings, and encourage them to stay with the same employer.

Employers will also be able to better attract and retain their employees, and invest in their training with improved staff retention.

The Government also supports the TCL’s recommendation to implement the minimum annual increment of 3% (subject to review) to the PWM wage levels from 1 July each year, from 2023 to 2025 across all landscape maintenance PWM job levels. This aligns with the 1 July implementation date of the yearly adjustments to PWM wage levels from 2020 to 2022.

These recommendations will ensure that landscape maintenance employees enjoy sustained wage growth. Over 3,000 resident landscape maintenance employees[3] will benefit from the enhancements to the PWM.
Complying with the PWM (including payment of the PWM bonus) will continue to be a mandatory requirement for landscape companies registering for the National Parks Board (NParks) Landscape Company Register[4].

Please refer to the Addendum to the Tripartite Cluster for Landscape Industry 2018 Report for more information.

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