Workshop on Divergent Innovation for Future HR

Course Fees

400 per pax subject to a minimum class size of 10 participants or;
$8000 per day, subject to a maximum class size of 25 participants.

Workshop Objectives

This Workshop help participants to build up the capacity to produce many, or a great number of complicated or complex ideas from a single idea or simple triggers or ideas. It calls for making of unexpected combinations, changing information into unanticipated forms, identifying connections among remote associates, and the like.


Lecture, group discussions and bricks play.

Who Should Attend

This Workshop will benefit corporate and small-medium enterprise employees, people managers, team leaders and individual contributor. It is also appropriate for those who are keen to reboot their thinking.


1-day Workshop

  • Identify the skills of New HR
  • Understand the 8 Elements of Divergent Thinking
  • Explore the Unfocused and Unconscious mind
  • Strengthen Creativity through the Circle Game
  • Thinking out of the Box with Infinity square
  • Challenge the Robots
  • Maximise Creativity as a Team
  • Integrate HR and Innovation
  • Innovate your daily life

At the end of the 1-day Workshop, there will be a Question-and-Answer session to provide participants an opportunity to raise issues and problems relating to their experience and circumstances.

The Facilitator

Nica has more than 15 years of experience specialising in the use of bricks play to facilitate concept learning, innovative thinking and helping clients to bring Idea to Life! She is certi-fied in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and Solution-Focused Coaching®.

As a Resilience Coach®, Nica coaches Clients to hold their ground in professions, particularly when the environment is competitive. As a Potential Amplifier, Nica’s aptitude to see the uniqueness and strength of each individual helps clients to maximise their potential and marketability.

With her extensive Human Capital background, she excels in negotiations, mediation, conflict resolutions, compensation and benefits, developing HR policies, employee engagement, workforce planning and managing the Talent Management programme for global companies. As a Talent Optimist, she applies her knowledge and experience in the recruitment and search industry to successfully assist clients to adopt breakthrough inter-views, for optimistic career mapping.

Nica’s extensive corporate experience includes working as the Asia Pacific Japan Lead for Talent Management, Employee Engagement and Learning & Development in Hewlett Packard. She also previously headed a Human Resource Division in the F&B Industry. Her geographical coverage includes China, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Myan-mar, Philippines and Costa Rica.

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