How Human Resources will Thrive in the AI and Robotics World

We have been experiencing the benefits of artificial intelligence for more than a generation, but its presence in the robotics world is significantly larger today than ever before. It has become commonplace for AI-powered systems, products, or tools to outperform what humans can produce or accomplish.

How to Identify Your Goldbrickers and the Diamonds in the Rough

Some employees always seem to find something better to do then the work they need to do. Then there are the workers who can produce consistent results all the time.

Nica Foo talk on Power of Resilience at LSBF

How do people deal with difficult events that change their lives? The death of a loved one, loss of a job, serious illness, terrorist attacks and other traumatic events: these are all examples of very challenging life experiences. Many people react to such circumstances with a flood of strong...

How to build a “Happy Station” at your workplace

Written by Nica Foo, a Talent Catalyst who specialises in the use of LEGO bricks to facilitate concept learning, innovative thinking and helping clients to bring Idea to Life! She is certified in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and Solution-Focused Coaching®. I assumed the role of APJ Talent Transformation Consultant at...

Workshop on Divergent Innovation for Future HR

This Workshop help participants to build up the capacity to produce many, or a great number of complicated or complex ideas from a single idea or simple triggers or ideas. It calls for making of unexpected combinations, changing information into unanticipated forms, identifying connections among remote associates, and the like.


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