[Blog 37] How To 101: How to Find The Right HR Advisor

HR professionals often find themselves stumped when faced with their own set of career challenges or employment situations.

While most employees acquire the help of the HR department when they need to tactically navigate certain issues at the workplace, it seems like there is no one inside the company to turn to when HR professionals themselves are placed in a tight spot. In times like these therein lies the prospect for them to seek a suitable advisor who possesses insiders’ perspective and has been in their shoes to help steer them back towards the right direction. Drawing upon their years of experience across varying sectors, HR advisors make excellent resources as mentors. They usually tend to be figures who are well-informed on the know-hows that can impact the course of your business so you can definitely rely on them to show you the ropes and bring different perspectives to the table.

Identifying the right mentor

Whether you are an individual, manager, entrepreneur or family business owner, no one should feel alone, helpless and wary of their endeavour in an organization. While the thought of finding someone with whom you can share a safe and confidential space to let out all your troubling thoughts may feel too daunting at first, counselling from an experienced HR advisor may just be what you need to manoeuvre through your next few steps. A mentor can be anyone with a track record of success—regardless of age or organisational position—who you feel has characteristic worth emulating, relevant expertise to help you enhance your competency and bring out your strengths. While it is true that an advisor who have guided people in the past will elevate the likelihood of your success, no matter who your mentor might be, it is still important to focus on making the best of what he or she has to offer by harnessing the transfer of knowledge to the best of your abilities. A proficient mentor is someone who is willing to care and voluntarily invests in your developmental growth so the best way to start is by proactively seeking their help to make them feel that their opinion is valued, and you look up to them. Moreover, progressing with one’s career performance under the mentorship of an experienced HR advisor guarantees an informal, yet task-oriented relationship that is driven by trust and confidentiality.

Forging the bridge

Unlike the typical connection one would form with a manager, a mentorship with an HR advisor is built on a collaboration that requires the time and commitment of both parties. Constructive and pragmatic guidance from a mentor calls for the mentee to come into the two-way relationship with a genuine desire to learn in areas that they need improvement. Mentees have to be aware that no matter how challenging or complicated their predicament may be, they have to lay out reasonable and achievable objectives for themselves without being too dependent on their mentors. There needs to be some clarity with regards to the outcome of forging the bridge with a mentor. A good mentor, on the other hand, is someone who not only blows the trumpet but is able to listen and provide prompt expertise without overstepping their boundaries. Essentially, it’s about providing the mentee with experiences, stories and feasible options so they are capable of making sound decisions for themselves. Much like a game of sports, this connection then has to be constantly nurtured to facilitate a mutual flow of person-to-person learning to propel your career trajectory.

Confiding in a HR Advisor is an effective approach to obtain a different outlook to your problem or to expand your network of connections. At some point or other, everyone needs a helping hand—and it does not mean that you are incapable of fending for yourself, because there are moments where some supervision and a touch of encouragement can help you to perform much better, even to your full potential. Finding the perfect HR advisor may take some trial and error but once the right chemistry is found, you are truly set for an experience that is both personally and professional rewarding, one that will hopefully open doors to you that may have otherwise remained close.

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