[Blog 38] Confessions of a HR Leader

In present times, HR Leaders are under tremendous pressure to perform in tasks which they have little or no experience in. If they are blessed and work in organisations that have budgets to spend, they approach HR Advisors, Independent Professionals or HR Consultants for help.

[Blog 37] How To 101: How to Find The Right HR Advisor

HR professionals often find themselves stumped when faced with their own set of career challenges or employment situations. While most employees acquire the help of the HR department when they need to tactically navigate certain issues at the workplace, it seems like there is no one inside the company...

Boss At His Best: Application of the Employment Act

The Employment Act is Singapore’s main employment law. It provides for the basic terms and working conditions for employees through core provisions and Part IV provisions that provide additional protection. This case study is intended to be used as a reference guide only and hope to inspire employers to...

Boss At His Best: Workplace Conflict Management

No matter what your field of work may be, there is simply no escape from dealing with workplace conflict. The reason for this is simply because opposing ambitions and differing interests are aplenty no matter where you go. If you are part of management, therein lies a point where you...


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