IPS Workshop on Human Capital Needs in Industry 4.0

Framed against the background of disruption through technological advances and continued evolution of the business landscape, one of the key concerns for workers will be continued employment opportunities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), while for companies it is the ability to source for the appropriate skills sets required to meet their requirements. Labour-augmenting and labour-displacing technology in particular is at the heart of transforming business models and the ensuing human capital needs for companies both large and small.

This workshop surfaces the challenges that both employers and educators who develop the skillsets of workers have to overcome to meet the challenges of human capital development. With current discussions on Industry 4.0 focusing on the potential displacement of workers via labour-displacing technology, the conversation on augmenting workers with technology, redesigning the job scope and working environment is muted.

IPS intend to create better synergy between education institutes, industry and workers to make sure that workers will be prepared for the new work paradigm, be gainfully employed and achieve greater job satisfaction in the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

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