Workshop on Coaching and Mentoring for Managers

1-Day In-House Workshop (with option to add on a further half-day session)

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Workshop Objectives

The workshop will give participants an understanding on coaching and mentoring and identify when each is appropriate. It will also introduce the skills required for coaching and mentoring and participants will apply the skills through practice sessions. A further half-day session can be added to the workshop if it is necessary to brief mentors and mentees on the mentoring program and give them the opportunity to have their first meeting.


Lecture, group discussions and skills practice.

Who Should Attend

This Workshop will benefit managers and executives who have responsibilities in coaching and mentoring people. It is also appropriate for HR professionals who are developing a company mentoring program.


Introduction to Coaching & Mentoring

  • Define what Mentoring and Coaching are and highlight the differences
  • Describe the qualities of a good mentor/coach
  • Highlight the importance of Mentoring and Coaching
  • Explain how Mentoring and Coaching is related to the management/leadership process

Mentoring Process, Skills and Techniques

  • Highlight the challenges and different approaches that can be employed
  • Highlight the various skills and techniques available

Learning to build rapport

  • Learn what building rapport means
  • Describe the values involved in building rapport
  • Explain how matching can achieve better congruence

Keys to effective listening

  • Explain what effective listening is
  • Discuss some of the barriers to listening
  • Practice the three steps to effective listening

Using Intuition in mentoring

  • Understand what intuition means
  • Using intuition to better understand others
  • Be aware of some of the pitfalls of using intuition

The art of asking questions using the GROW model

  • Understand what the GROW model is (Goal, Reality, Options, Will)
  • Explain the benefits of using the GROW approach
  • Understand how adults learn
  • Practice the GROW approach through an exercise

Giving Supportive Feedback

  • Understand the purpose of giving feedback
  • Learn the right and wrong way to give feedback
  • Use the three-step approach to giving feedback
  • Practice the technique of giving feedback

A further half-day session can be added to the workshop to brief mentors and mentees and give them the opportunity to have their first meeting

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The Facilitator

Lawrence is a seasoned and result-driven Human Resource professional with nearly three decades of hands-on HR experience at a strategic and global level. He specialises in Talent Development, Compensation & Benefits and Strategic HRM.

He has driven the HR and L&D functions for Asian, European, Mediterranean & American regions, and has developed and successfully managed a wide range of strategic HR initiatives and training programs, including managing Training Academies.

Lawrence spent a large part of his career helming senior HR positions in the hospitality sector. Some of the Companies that he has worked for include Raffles International Limited, Jin Jiang In-ternational Hotel Management Company, Carlson Hotels Worldwide (Asia Pacific), Shangri-La In-ternational, Hilton Worldwide and Millennium Hotels & Resorts.

Being fluent in English, Mandarin and conversant in Cantonese and Hokkien has enabled him to be able to adapt well and thrive in Asian, European and International environments such as Singa-pore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Zurich.

Lawrence is currently pursuing the Master of Science in Human Resource Management & Devel-opment and possesses a Graduate Diploma in International HR & Globalization, Higher Diploma in Hotel Management and Diploma in Personnel Management.

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