Workshop on Reinforcing Leadership and Supervisory Skills

2-Day In-House Workshop

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Workshop Overview

Supervisors are the first point of contact between the Management and its employees. Besides being the “bridge” performing the connecting function, Supervisors have the role of the Mentor, Coach, Counsellor to play in cascading Company Objectives and driving performance. With such immense responsibilities, it is critical that Leadership and Supervisory skills are reinforced periodically.

Key Takeaway

Upon completion of this workshop, the participants will be able to

  • Have a better understanding of the role and responsibilities of a leader
  • Be able to distinguish the different and most effective leadership style
  • Improve on being a People Manager with better EQ
  • Communicate better, motivate, counsel and coach subordinates more effectively
  • Build a strong and more cohesive team


Pre-workshop coursework, group discussion and presentation, case studies and role play.

Who Should Attend

Employees who perform supervisory role.


Module 1: Managing Self

  • Evaluation of one’s Leadership Style
  • Strength & weakness as a Leader
  • Maximising one’s potential
  • Building up self-esteem
  • Develop work performance goals

Module 2: Understanding the Business

  • Vision, strategy and business models
  • Demographic shifts in intergenerational workforce
  • Changing customer needs and motivation
  • Balancing the short-term and the long-term
  • Engaging and leading change

Module 3: Effective Communication

  • Communication skills and styles
  • Communicating downwards and upwards
  • IQ vs EQ
  • Coaching & Counselling
  • Interpersonal and conflict management skills

Module 4: Performance Management

  • Understanding what drives performance
  • Evaluation of work performance
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Motivating & inspiring team members
  • Career path management

Module 5: Personality Profiling through Numbers

  • Historical background of numbers and personality
  • How individuals behave through numbers
  • The right personality for successful execution of each role
  • Applying Personality Profiling as a guide in daily operation and people management

Module 6: Building a Strong and Cohesive Team

  • Establishing a shared Team Mission and Vision
  • Identifying and addressing Diversity
  • Building and gaining Respect and Trust
  • Leveraging on individual’s strength
  • Fostering teamwork and relationship building

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The Facilitator

Sin Lin Li, OD Catalyst
HRguru® Pte Ltd

Sin Lin Li is a seasoned Human Resource practitioner with more than 15 years of experience in the field. She has held HR generalist roles in various industries ranging from electronic, chemical, logistics, pharmaceutical to food & beverage manufacturing and has worked with several large MNCs that include Panasonic, Nestle, Novartis, Coca-cola and PepsiCo, to name a few.

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